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Yoga heals the soul
No upcoming events at the moment

Yoga heals the soul

A traditional Yoga Retreat with Sound, Movement, Yoga and Breath in Kathmandu and Pokhara
with @yaseminvollmond and traditional teachers at @yog_connection 
SUN 27.11 - WED 07.12.2022

"Yoga is the dance of every cell

with the music of every breath

that creates inner serenity

and harmony."

Debasish Mridha

Dive deep: 11 Days of Yoga 
Gong Bath + Sound healing + Breathwork + Daily traditional Yoga practice + Guided excursions in Kathmandu and Nepal + Bhakti Yoga + Yoga Nidra + Yin around the Gong + Journaling + Kirtan + Integration Circle + Dance + Trataka Meditation + Shatkarma + Cleansing + Concert of Indian Classical Music + Yoga Philosophy + Osho Dynamic Mediation + Cacao Ceremony + traditional fire ceremony
and so much more

What is healing? 
Emptiness  to  Wholeness.
Inner poverty to Inner wealth.
Loneliness to Knowingness.
Anger to Peace.
Suppression to Acceptance.
Jealously to Empathy.
Selfishness to Compassion.
Fear to Courage.
Intelligence  to Intuition.
React to Respond.
Survival to Creation.
Emotional distress to Emotional Balance.
Separation to Oneness. 
Patterns to Freedom. 
Programe to Mindfulness.

Yoga is much more than only the “Asana” (posture, yoga flow) practice that we know from yoga studios. We have put together a team of experienced practitioners who are guiding you through 11 days with a full spectrum of yoga tools. 

Is this for me?
If you are on your spiritual path, maybe you have experienced an “awakening”. Or you even got a “calling” and your soul is now craving to go deeper. Then this is for you! Join Western and Eastern teachers in Nepal Kathmandu and Pokhara guiding you through your process while co-creating a magical unique and traditional experience. 

The Tribe
The most beautiful thing about Yoga retreats is the community, finding like minded people and staying in contact with them AFTER the retreat. 



Yogconnection is located in Pokhara at Phewa Lake in Central Nepal. You will live in a Yog-Ashram, a Yogaschool. A whole building dedicated to the practice. Its common to stay in these places when doing teacher trainings or retreats. 

Raghav, the owner and foundre of Yogconnection:

“When I started travelling, Yoga got my attention really quickly. I decided to do my Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India and got more and more into the topic. Yoga is not only about the practice of Asanas but Pranayama, Meditation and Mantra chanting are also part of it. With my increasing experience I felt ready to have my own Yoga studio and also offered my own Retreats in India. Time passed by and I continued my journey to Nepal. At the beautiful Phewa lake in Pokhara, I found another magical place to live. I wish you could experience the beauty of this place in combination with our rejuvenating Retreat which allows you to shine again.”
Another project of mine is the Yoga Studio on top of the Jungle Front Lodge. I want to spread the message of Yoga worldwide and can’t wait to welcome you to our retreat here.”

Body & Soul Connection


The fee for 10 nights at Yogconnection = 900 EUR per Person (net)

(1) Write an Email to sign up for this retreat to
(2) Pay 1/2 of the fee of 900 EUR, 2nd half will be paid closer to the time of the retreat
(3) Beginning of November we are opening a Telegram Group for all final questions.

If you really want to join but the price is not affordable for you, please get in touch with us!


Whats included:
Transportation from Pokhara Airport to Location
Welcome Package
10 nights at Yogconnection in Pokhara
All meals (vegetarian, vegan), tea and water
All the activities listed in our Schedule below

Whats not included
Flight to Nepal
Flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara
Visa for Nepal
Accommodation and food in Kathmandu



Images from Yogconnection: Our rooms are simple with a view over Phewa Lake.



11 days, 10 nights, 2x traditional Yoga practices, Breath, Chanting, Sound + more


SUN, 27.12

| Arrival in Kathmanu, Hotel + Refreshment, Relax,Yoga Nidra + Sound


MON, 28.12

| Excursion in Kathmandu, Flight to Pokhara, Relax, Meditation


TUES, 29.12

| Cleansing, Fire Ceremony, 2x Asana, Yoga Philosophy, Yin around the Gong(c) YV


WED, 30.12

| Pranayama, 2x Asana, Circle, Meditation


THR, 01.12

| Breathwork, 2x Asana, Kirtan

FR, 02.12

|  2x Asana, Cacao Ceremony, Ecstatic Dance, Meditation


SAT, 03.12

| Cleansing, Asana, Circle


SUN, 04.12

| Pranayama, Excursion, 2x Asana, Sound Co-creation


MON, 05.12

| Breathwork, 2x Asana, Circle, Kirtan


TUES, 06.12

| 2x Asana, Sound Co-creation, Concert of Indian Classical Music

WED, 07.12

| 2x Asana, Excursion, Kirtan, Closing Ceremony




Yoga Nidra


Trataka Meditation


Ecstatic Dance

Yoga Philosophy


Concert of Indian Classical Music


Traditional Ashtanga Yog

More about Shashi here


Gong Bath 
Shaking Meditation
Yin around the Gong
Integration Circles



More about Kshitiz here



Is the retreat suitable for beginners?
Yes, everyone is welcome to join this retreat, no previous yoga experience is needed. We’ll make sure you feel safe and seen. 

I need help
If you need help with booking flights, finding accommodation in Kathmandu or want to do some sightseeing in Kathmandu we are more than happy to support you with that. Feel free to ask everything you want to know.

What airport do I fly to?
Take your trip to Kathmandu where we meet on Sunday. On Monday we are going to take together the same flight to Pokhara to head towards our final destination. 

Do I need a visa?
Yes, to enter Nepal you need a visa. You can start your application process here.

Cancellation Policy
To confirm the retreat you will pay a deposit. If you cancel 20 days before the retreat start date you will lose your initial deposit payment but you will not have to pay the remaining amount for the retreat. If you find someone to take your place we can exchange your seat easily.

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